2020 Photography Competition Virtual Tour

We are so pleased to bring you a virtual tour of Changes: 2020 Photography Competition. Click here to access the tour. 

Click here to access the gallery labels for artist statements and locations featured in each piece. 

Want more insight? Be sure to watch the Awards Ceremony featuring artists Anita Earlie Schley, Loni Odenthal Newby, and Cindy McConkie and jurist Derek Mellus. 

Follow these helpful hints to get yourself oriented to the virtual tour:

  • Move around the galleries by clicking from circle to circle on the floor
  • Scroll to zoom in and out on specific artworks
  • Click the icons on the bottom left to see a "dollhouse" view or jump to a different floor
  • Click the icons on the bottom right to share the tour on social media, use a VR headset, or expand to a full screen view