Web Application Developer Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals: App Developer 


The Brigham City Museum of Art & History seeks proposals from web application programmers to assist in the redesign and redevelopment of its Brigham City Heritage Tours application (tours.brighamcityhistory.org). Proposals are due by September 1 at 4:00 PM and can be sent to Alana Blumenthal. Project to start as soon as possible. Final product due by October 24, 2020. Support for this project comes from a Utah Humanities grant funded through the CARES Act. This contract is intended for remote professionals. 

The Brigham City Heritage Tours web application was first created in 2018 through a Utah Humanities grant. The app includes four walking tours which include interpretive text, images, quotes (or audio/video) from oral histories, and geographic data. The average user of the app is near or past retirement and interested in the local history because of a personal or family connection to the area. Other users include genealogists, teachers, families, tourists, and local businesses.

Given the evolving nature of our world due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, traditional programmatic applications, such as in-person tours, traveling education trunks, field trips, and others are now tertiary methods. Our intent is to leverage the walking tours app to serve the community by providing activities that promote the health and safety guidelines and directives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of protocols that may close our facilities to the public. To do so requires a total overhaul to its user interface and content updates to make the app more accessible, easier to navigate for our patrons and administer for our staff.

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