The Brigham City Museum of Art & History is Northern Utah's art, history, and culture hub. 

The museum is home to a permanent exhibition on the history of Brigham City, and five to six temporary historical and fine art exhibitions a year.

The outstanding collection covers more than 150 years of the history of Box Elder County with more than 10,000 objects. The growing art collection includes more than 300 pieces by outstanding artists including Florence Ware, David Howell Rosenbaum, E.J. Bird, J.T. Harwood, Mabel Frazer, Russell Case, and more.

The Brigham City Museum of Art & History opened in 1970. It is a division of Brigham City Corporation and is also supported by the Box Elder Museum Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity. 

Additional support comes from the Utah Division of Arts & Museums.

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