2022 Quilt Exhibition: WILD!

2022 Quilt Exhibition: WILD!

June 25-September 17, 2022

“I was raised feral, and I mostly stayed that way.” 
― Gillian Flynn, Dark Places

Let your imagination take you on a journey to a WILD place. This year’s annual quilt show at the Brigham City Museum of Art and History will premiere the new juried exhibit from the Colorado/Utah/Wyoming chapter of the Studio Art Quilts Associates. 




9/17/2022: Entries Due
9/24/2022: Exhibition Opens
10/8/2022: Awards Ceremony from 12:00 to 1:00 pm
11/12/2022: Exhibition Closes

We invite photographers to share a personal expression of how living in The West shapes our lives and our world for the 2022 Photography Competition.

Submission Guidelines:

Entry Fee is $35, payable upon submission of entry. Up to three works can be submitted.
Entry deadline is 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 17, 2022

2021 Photography Competition: Waterways


9/18/2021: Entries Due
9/25/2020: Exhibition Opens
10/15/2020: Awards Ceremony
11/13/2020: Exhibition Closes

"Water is life. It forms our world and our lives. It allows us to travel and blocks our paths. It determines where we live and work and what we eat and drink. It is an essential natural resource that people struggle to access and control.Water shapes human culture — our ways of life."
-Gregory Smoak

2021 Quilt Exhibition: Connecting our Natural Worlds

Connecting our Natural Worlds

A Studio Art Quilt Associates Global Exhibition

The 2021 Annual International Art Quilt Exhibition, curated by SAQA, showcases artwork that beautifully illustrates the natural wonder of habitats around the globe. Through their own unique artistic interpretation, each artist has identified danger to flora and fauna in their own backyards and recommended a call to action that can be taken to help save the species. The selected pieces will inspire viewers to get closer to nature and become better stewards for our environment.